OPIM 319 Operations Strategy: Material for Careers Fairs

OPIM 319 Operations Strategy: Material for Careers Fairs



You have secured a placement within the HR department of a large organisation, which is having difficulty recruiting staff. In particular, the Operations Department has several vacancies that are proving difficult to fill. Your manager wants to create material to use at careers fairs – as well as having an internal campaign to encourage staff from other functions and departments to move into operations. She hopes that in addition this will also encourage improved internal communications and processes.

Task 1 – Material for Careers Fairs

You have been asked to run a workshop at an undergraduate careers fair. You will start with a presentation.

Prepare presentation material including supporting notes. You wish to ensure potential recruits really understand the operations function and the factors that impact on it. Your presentation material should include:

  • An assessment of the role of the operations function
  • An analysis of the role of the Operations Manager and the constraints under which s/he works
  • A review of the ethical considerations faced by Operations Managers in relation to the supply chain

For a Merit you also need to:

  • Use a process model to compare and contrast the nature of the operations function in an organisation in the secondary sector and an organisation providing services

Task 2 – Preparation of Material for Internal Campaigns

Your manager in HR is aware that she needs to understand the operations function better. She is convinced that many other managers within the organisation can become operations managers, as she assumes they all use the same tools and techniques to manage people and processes. She asks you to shadow the Operations Managers for a few days and report back to her on whether you agree. To ensure a balanced picture you should also research the operations function in another organisation. She has asked you to write a report for her to include:

  • An analysis of the performance measures used for different components of the operations function
  • An assessment of the effectiveness of techniques to appraise operations processes and improve efficiency
  • An explanation of the impact of quality measures on organisational efficiency

For a Distinction your report also needs to include:

  • a review of the impact of operations management on business success/competitive advantage in a named organisation. This will show either the impact of good or poor operations management on the business

Task 3

You manager concludes that a well-managed operations function is critical to business success. She is aware that the culture of the organisation where you work is quite dismissive of the value of the operations functions. She decides a ‘soft’ internal campaign is needed to enhance the image of the operations function.

She has asked you to prepare notes and other materials that she can use for the internal communications, her blog, the staff newsletter and the Intranet. She will also be using some of the material at the approaching Staff Conference. Make notes and ensure you:

  • Analyse the importance of the link between operations management and organisational strategy, in order to deliver business success
  • Explain how operations management contributes to financial success
  • Explain how operations management contributes to customer satisfaction

For a Merit your notes must also:

  • Evaluate the possible impact of operations management on business image. For a Distinctionyour notes must also:
  • Critically analyse the ethical considerations facing the supply of materials to a named organisation in the UK manufacturing sector.

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