Organization of Policy Analysis Paper

Organization of Policy Analysis Paper
Assignment Task


Statement of the policy problem or policy issue 

Why you think the policy problem or issue warrant attention now (because it has not been addressed before and therefore…) or

What has been done to address the issues and why in your view those efforts are inadequate or failed

What are your core questions of analysis

A Review of Literature

What are existing academic and non-academic literature tells you about the particular policy issue or problem

What conceptual approaches (and/or theoretical frameworks) have been deployed to analyse the policy issue or problem

Which of the approaches is (are) appropriate in your views

(What are the limitations of the conceptual approaches?)

Which conceptual adjustment(s) are you proposing to analyse the issue or problem

Methodological Issues or Approach

How you are going about to gather relevant data/information

What tools you have used to conduct the analysis

What are the limitations of the study

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