Assessment 2: Professional Identity and Development Plan (40%)

Assessment 2: Overview


Students will produce a professional development and identity plan relating to their career plans and ambitions. The aim of creating a professional identity and development plan is to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your profession. Professional development plans are a way to make proactive change. facilitate your personal growth. aid successful career planning and enhance your capacity to create your future. The professional development plan may also be used as an aid in recruitment and selection and performance management processes. Elements of the plan can be included in your career portfolio and demonstrates reflective analysis and forward thinking skills.

Weight: 40%

• Part A = 25% • Part B = 15%

Due date: Monday 17 December 2018 by 3:00pm (Old time) Length: 1600 words (+1- 10%) Tasks: There is both a written (Part A) and short video production (Part B) component to this plan. Part A and B must both be reasonably completed in order to be eligible to pass this course. Criteria & Marking:

• Further details on criteria and marking are available on the following documents: o A2 Professional Identity and Development Video o A2 Professional Identity and Development Plan • Assessments are normally marked and returned to students within three teaching weeks. Please understand that given the size and weighting of this assessment the marking processes is necessarily time intensive. Many of you would have spent considerable time producing this assessment and in an effort to provide you all with substantive feedback I ask you for you patience in the process. I will be sure to send out an announcement when the marks are ready to review.


• The submission point for Part A and Part B will be made available to students via the [email protected] course page during the times specified. Students should follow the instructions provided under each submission point when submitting • The onus is on students to ensure that they have successfully submitted the assessment requirements on time

Please note: ALL assessment pieces must be attempted and submitted to be eligible to pass this course