The goal of this assignment is to produce an essay that analyzes an academic source related to your topic. Your essay should work to examine the features of the writing itself as well as how you might use that article to continue building a stronger understanding and confidence in your knowledge.

To begin, you will need to find at least three scholarly, peer-reviewed sources that connect to your topic. Head to the library webpage, locate the Articles/Databases link, then select Academic Search Complete to begin.

Find a few scholarly, peer-reviewed sources, then choose one and read it carefully. Write an essay that engages with one of the sources and works to answer the three questions of analysis:

What? What is the goal of the article? Who is the audience? What kinds of evidence are used? What points does the article make?

How? How can you tell what the answers are to the above questions? How is the article organized? How is it composed (i.e. what kind of style, word choice, and tone)? How does it make its points?

Why? Why did the author(s) make the choices they did? Why did the author choose to organize that way? Why make the points in the way they did?

Move carefully and logically through your analysis in a methodical way. Your goal is not to provide summary or superficial examination, but a deep, thorough look at the inner workings of the article.

End your essay with a discussion of how the article might be useful to you in your continuing research.

The goal of this assignment is to analyze the article you’ve chosen for its characteristics as a piece of writing. Be sure you don’t get caught up in a discussion of the article’s topic.

The final draft version of the essay should be approximately 750-1,250 words long.

Remember that for this assignment you need to locate scholarly, peer-reviewed articles.

(I will provide the sources from my school)


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