Plan for A New-entrant Airline

Plan for A New-entrant Airline


Business Plan for a new-entrant airline

You have been commissioned to produce a business plan for a new start-up airline intending to launch services when historic traffic levels resume on the route from London to a given UK or European city (I route per student). Please see separate notification for the route you will be studying.
Some of the factors you may wish to consider in your report are listed below.
You are not expected to go into extensive detail on all items as this could then become a dissertation topic! You do not need to consider covid-19 disruption but can refer to it if you wish.

I. Existing services on the route (including airlines, schedules and fares) and background to the market 

2. Choice of airport at London (and the outer destination city where there is more than one airport)

3. Estimated passenger numbers

4. Selection of aircraft type S. Product features and distribution strategy, including a name for your airline

6. Schedule 7. Estimated operating costs (total) 8. Fare structure and projected revenues

9. Potential profit or loss

10. A critical appraisal of your results 

Length of report should not exceed 10 pages including tables, diagrams and maps (you are encouraged to use these in preference to text where appropriate but explanatory comments and discussion are needed). 

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