Planet Drill

Planet Drill

In a journal, explain how the Planet Rock documentary Hip-Hop compares to the culture and meaning behind Trap and Drill music. Please write at least 2 -4 pages comparing specific pieces of the 9 elements of Hip-Hop as he relates to all 4 videos with the focus being on the culture and meaning videos.

– Watch Planet Rock: The Story of Hip-Hop and the Crack Generation

– Watch Terms & Conditions: A UK Drill Story

– Read The Article Below


  • For your paper, explain what you consider the term news to refer to, and what you think its role is in modern American society. Do people need it? Do people like to consume it? How? What are your habits for acquiring news, and how do you think they compare to other citizens habits?
  • Pitbulls
  • What are the characteristics of African architecture?
  • Animal Testing
  • Observing History Today
  • Planet Drill
  • Forensic Specialty Guidelines
  • Re-imagining Urban Education
  • Many of the readings from the week on the history of the animal protection movement compared the animal rights and protection efforts to the Civil Rights Movement in both the tactics used and in their public policy approaches. Compare and contrast the Civil Rights Movement to the animal movement in terms of strategy, public perception, and legislation. Discuss the advantages and weaknesses (whether in terms of public perception, your own personal views, or otherwise) of such comparisons.
  • Critical Threats to the Global Environment