PROG2500 Programming Mobile Systems-language and Angular framework

PROG2500 Programming Mobile Systems-language and Angular framework


Assignment Overview:
This assignment requires you to develop an application using Typescript for Part 1, and Angular for Part 2, to demonstrate your knowledge of the Typescript language and Angular framework. Your apps should be stand-alone apps without server contact for data. The app will not save data after the browser window is closed but you will need to maintain a JavaScript object so that changes made remain while the browser window is open.

Part 2 can be an expansion of Part 1 though you can start again from scratch if you wish. It is recommended that you save your Part 1 before you start modifying it for Part 2. Part 1 – Basic TypeScript App (12 marks)

The aim is to develop a simple one-page TypeScript app to maintain a small database of ‘IT serveries ticket’ information while the browser window is open. You can initialize your app with hard coded data, or you can start with an empty data structure. Types are important in your code, and you are expected to declare types for example, for variables, function parameters, and function return values. Marks may be deducted for too few type definitions, i.e., writing JavaScript instead of Typescript.

The ticket data has the following fields:
• ID
• Subject
• Category (Billing, Marketing, Developing)
• Assignee
• Priority (Low, Medium, High)
• Status (Open, Solved, Close)
• Comment

Part 2 – Expand the App (13 marks)

Modify the app from Part 1 to become a multipage Angular app. For example, place the add record on a separate page to the search facility. You can use as many pages as you like but don’tforget to use an error page (for malformed URLs), an Information page e.g., about the app and
have your name as app developer. A Help page showing how to use the app would be nice as well.

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