PROJ6016 Project Management Capstone- Controlling Project Body for analysis

PROJ6016 Project Management Capstone- Controlling Project Body for analysis


Learning Outcomes
The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful completion of the task below include:

a) Develop a theoretical or practical perspective on project management through a substantial applied project and articulate to diverse

b) Demonstrate collaborative leadership and ownership through the planning and preparation of a significant original body of practical or
theoretical work.

c) Compare and evaluate various project management tools and techniques and apply through an approved project.

d) Synthesise and integrate theories and concepts from a broad range of previous project management subjects to improve project outcomes.

e) Evaluate and critically reflect on application of theory, processes, ethical practice, and standards and how these are represented in project lifecycle

Assessment Task

Critically analyse the performance of your Capstone Project and report the results of the analysis as a Status Report to your Academic Supervisor. Please refer to the Instructions for details on how to complete this task.


The Project Work performance domain executes the planned project activities, to complete the project deliverables and achieve the project objectives. Here, resources are allocated, and their efficient use is managed. We analyse work performance data and information. Changes in project plans are carried out and we learn throughout the project. Deliverables are produced as outputs from processes performed to accomplish the project work as planned and scheduled within the Project Plan.

Work performance data is collected and communicated to the Controlling Project Body for analysis. This analysis provides information about the completion status of the deliverables, and other relevant details about project performance. The Work Performance Data is also an input into the Measurement Performance Domain and should be used as feedback into lessons learned to improve the performance of future work packages. This domain addresses activities and functions associated with assessing project performance and taking appropriate actions to maintain acceptable performance. 

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