Project Risk Appraisal & Management Report

Project Risk Appraisal & Management Report
Assignment Task


Instructions for assessment

The assessment is an individual project risk report. The project is a business takeover or merger to be investigated in detail. 

Assignment scenario:

The case study is to be agreed. You should assume the role of CRO for company X and address the required elements below in your report to the board of directors in relation to the proposed project.

Required elements of the project risk report:

1) A review of the business risk context should include the identification of key risks (as reported in the most recent company annual report) relating to the industry, business environment, financial position and external stakeholders and highlight the key risks that may impact on the success of the proposed project. (A side of A4 plus 2 power-point slides should be presented for formative assessment then appended to your final report).

2) A project risk evaluation should identify the risks related to the proposed project, including the generic risks attached to projects of this type and specific risks you foresee arising from this project, evaluate them using an accepted risk analysis technique and suggest risk mitigation strategies to minimize the impact of these risks on the company.

3) A critique of the project risk analysis technique you applied in task 2 and relevant research, explaining why the anticipated risks may not cover all possible eventualities, especially given the economic crisis due to Covid-19. Refer to relevant research and cite joumal articles to support your discussion on risk management effectiveness.

4) A learning log or blog based on the module content to reflect on what you have learnt from each session, including reference to Moodie materials, showing how you have applied this learning to the assessment task, to be appended to your report — 15 marks Note: 10 marks will also available for your supporting bibliography and for a professional style of report (presentation).

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