Public Health in Practice – HMG7200

Public Health in Practice – HMG7200
Assignment Task

Health Promotion Plan for the City of Brimbank

The Australian Health Policy Collaboration at Victoria University has been working in partnership with the City of Brimbank in the western suburbs of Melbourne to improve the health outcomes in the Brimbank Community.

In collaboration with the Public Health Information Development Unit at The University of Adelaide, and the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living at Victoria University, two Brimbank population reports have been prepared:

The Brimbank Atlas of Health and Education

Physical Activity, Sport and Health in the City of Brimbank

A summary of the findings and their implications can be found in the Brimbank Collaboration: A Collaborative Approach to Lifting Health and Education Outcomes

These reports were designed to enable Victoria University and Brimbank community leaders and organisations to plan and develop integrated policies, services and strategies to lift health and education outcomes across the Brimbank community now and in the future.

Considering the social determinants of health for this assessment you will use this data to inform the development of a health promotion project plan to address a priority health issue in the City of Brimbank. You can target a specific population group in Brimbank or develop a project that targets the broader population.

Your project plan should align with the Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2015-2019. You should consider focusing on the priority of ‘Healthier Eating and Active Living’ in the Plan but recognize that there are important relationships between all priorities. Please see the Unit Coordinator to discuss if you are uncertain.

Your project plan should also consider the VicHealth Action Agenda for Health Promotion.

Report Outline

Please include the following subheadings and details:

a) Project focus

Outline of health issue

Identified need and policy framework

Project stakeholders

Project target group

b) Project content

Goals, Objectives

Health Promotion Approach

Strategies and Activities

Evaluation Plan

c) Project Infrastructure

Human Resources


Budget breakdown

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