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Task Overview:  

Pick a Born Global company (SPOTIFY) and, after gathering company information and undertaking secondary research, analyse the organisation’s international performance by applying a range of tools, frameworks, models, theories, etc. to demonstrate your ability to apply unit knowledge to a concrete situation.


Please use Born Global Theory for analysing SPOTIFY and add 20+ Peer Reviewed References with In-text Citations.

MUST use these References

Knight, G. A., & Cavusgil, S. T. 1996. The born global firm: a challenge to traditional internationalization theory. Advances in International Marketing, 8, 11–15; 18-19 ONLY

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Christiansen, B. & Kasarc?, F. 2017. How Globalization Sparked Entrepreneurship in the Developing World: The Impact of Formal Economic and Political Linkages, Ch. 5 in Corporate Espionage, Geopolitics, and Diplomacy Issues in International Business. 

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