RBP020L058S-Agile Manifesto and Why is it Important Report Writing

RBP020L058S-Agile Manifesto and Why is it Important Report Writing
Assignment Task


Instructions for Assessments

There will be regular opportunities for feedback on your progress in class and an opportunity for formative assessment of your coursework which relates to your final assignment. The formative is due during reading week so that there is opportunity to share and discuss in class the following week.

A Word template is available on Moodle and below is an outline of the questions included:

Question 1. In a few sentences define what is agile. 

Question 2. List three pros and three cons for adopting an agile approach to delivering projects.

Question 3. What is the Agile manifesto and why is it important or useful?

Question 4. Provide an example of how an agile approach or tool can be used to improve project performance.

Question 5. Discuss how a specific agile tool or practice can support team development.

Approximately 750 words in total. Submit your formative assessment as a Word document using the Turnitin link on Moodle.

Summative Assessments

There are two summative assessments. Each is designed to test different aspects of your knowledge and application. 

Part 1: Online Test 

This online test of Agile terminology and concepts contributes 10% of your overall grade. The highest score of all attempts within the time period will be taken as your component mark. There is no requirement to resit this online test if failed as the percentage, even if 0, will be taken as contribution for your overall mark.

To complete the test, students will need to register on the ILX platform – you will be invited to a briefing session. To do well on the test, you will need to watch the online videos for each topic (part of your Explore More activities on Moodle). Nonetheless, you can practice this test as much as you like, you can test yourself as often as you like, all sessions are recorded. Your highest score will be used as your grade. Importantly, this test presents a further opportunity for those who are interested in gaining a professional qualification, AgilePM Foundation Certificate. The module Managing Agile Projects supports the professional qualification and for those who are interested in a career in project management, this is a valuable opportunity. 

Part 2: Individual Report: Case Study Analysis 

You are required to choose one of the project case studies available on Moodle:

• Case Study: Building a body of Confidence at E.ON

• Case Study: How Agile built success at Your Homes Newcastle

You will analyse and critique the project specifically in terms of its application of Agile project management. You will draw on your understanding and learning of agile best practice, academic literature and demonstrate your understanding of how the case study does or does not reflect best practice. The tasks are as follows:  

1. Introduce Agile. What is it? What are the Agile principles and how is success measured? Use literature to evidence your knowledge and use specific examples from your chosen case study. 

2. Identify which tools, practices and artefacts of Agile and Scrum you think or know were adopted by the organisation in your chosen case study. How could/ did these aspects improve the management of the project specifically in a) stakeholder management and communications, b) team management and 3) delivery? 

3. Discuss why an organisation decides to adopt an agile approach for delivering projects. Based on your understanding, what is required by an organisation to use agile? Use examples from your chosen case study to elaborate on your points. You may want to discuss how prepared or ‘ready’ the organisation was to adopt an agile approach.   

4. Overall quality of writing, presentation, and academic standards (referencing syntax, etc.) 

Instructions for Re-sit

The same assignment tasks as for the main assignment period apply to the re-sits, with further instructions see below.

Re-sit deadline for academic year 2021/22 is 2pm, TBC for Individual Report. There is no resit for the online test. Visit the module’s Moodle site and check your Roehampton email account on a regular basis. The school is not obliged to check whether you have noticed re-sit deadlines. You will be told whether you have to resit the assignment. You are required to improve and resubmit your original work. This must include a reflective commentary about what you learned from the feedback of your first attempt and what you have done to improve your paper.You must resubmit your work using the specific resit Turnitin links on Moodle.  Ensure you submit the correct assignment to the correct link. 

The original marking criteria will still apply (see marking grid in Appendix A).


 Your submission should be in the form of a professional report using appropriate structural elements and diagrams, figures, tables, etc. where relevant.  It must also follow academic best practice with fully referenced sources, in-text citations and bibliography. You must follow Harvard referencing format – see below.

Any written work should be spell-checked and a contents page should be included. Do not use various font sizes and colours, except where deliberate emphasis is appropriate for clarity and impact.  Black ink, Arial, size 11, 1.5 lines spaced is recommended. Use DIN A4 format and page margins of 2.5 cm or 1 inch.

How will your work be assessed?

Your work will be assessed by a subject expert who will use either the marking criteria provided in the section “Instructions for assessment” or the Marking rubric enclosed in the Appendix, as appropriate for this module. When you access your marked work, it is important that you reflect on the feedback so that you can use it to improve future assignments.

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