research project

research project

PURPOSE: The objective of the final research project is to enable the students to develop a

digital business strategy for an existing organization by identifying and reviewing the key

management decisions required in digital business transformation.

DESCRIPTION: Choose a Saudi company (with a traditional or semi-digital business model) ( AlMarai) or other suggestion to agree on before we start

and write a report on transforming it into a digital business using Strategy Process Models.

Ideally, the report should include the following components:

Executive Summary (Clear, concise overview/outline of the entire research report, including

the purpose, problem, method used, main findings, and recommendations)

1. Company Introduction (Include a brief background, vision, mission, objectives, main

products/services, and targeted customer segments of chosen company)

2. Strategic Analysis

Resource Analysis (Internal analysis, current business model, competitors analysis,

value chain analysis, current IT situation, and website analysis)

External Analysis (SLEPT analysis, SWOT matrix analysis, and stage model


3. Strategic Objectives (Transform/convert the current mission statement and objectives

tailored to digital business)

4. Digital Business Strategy Definition (overall strategy)

Decision 1: Digital business channel priorities (what new internet channels will be


Decision 2: Market and product development (what market and product strategies

will be followed, i.e., market penetration and development, product development,

diversification, etc.

Decision 3: Positioning and differentiation strategies (Position your online products

relative to competitors, and how would you differentiate?)

Decision 4: Business and revenue models (Transform the current business modelpresented

in resource analysis- into a digital business model)

Decision 5: Marketplace restructuring (review of options for new market structures

to be created through disintermediation, re-intermediation, and counter-mediation)

Decision 6: Supply-chain management capabilities (Review how the suppliers can be

integrated for effective E-procurement)

Decision 7: Internal knowledge management capabilities (Review how knowledge is

shared, and processes are developed)

Decision 8: Organizational resourcing and capabilities (how the organization needs

to change to achieve these strategic decisions)

5. Strategy Implementation (Using a SOSTAC approach develop detailed strategies for

digital SCM, marketing, and CRM)

Digital supply chain strategies

(Refer to Ch6, and Ch7)

Digital marketing strategies

(Refer to Ch8)

E-CRM strategies

(Refer to Ch9)

6. Conclusion and Recommendations

A summary of the report and detailed recommendations.

7. References

All sources must be cited using the Harvard referencing style. Provide in-text references as

well as a reference list at the end of the document. Plagiarism will not be tolerated at all and will

lead to serious action.


a. Writing Guidelines: Paper size: A4, Line Spacing: 1.15, Page Margins: Normal all

sides, Font: Times New Roman, Font Size: 12 for text, 14 for headings, and 13 for


b. The report should have a nice title page containing all the required information such as

the document title, university logo, course name, student name, and university ID.

c. Being at the executive level, a high standard of written English is expected. Your report

should be clear, concise, neatly presented, and easy to read. Your report must be a

creative piece of work written by you and not submitted for assessment purposes for

any program of study at this, or any other, institution.