Self-Introduction Based on a Personal Object

Self-Introduction Based on a Personal Object

Self-Introduction Based on a Personal Object: In the academic environment, you are often required to introduce yourself to a body of people. The purpose for an introduction may vary; you might be required to introduce yourself to network with other students, or share your experience about a particular subject/topic. Introduction speeches can be formal or informal.

Your self-introduction speech should include:

An effective, overarching theme with logical main points (which includes a personal object as a visual aid)
An interesting hook that provides a preview of specific main points
Smooth transitions between sections of your speech (First, Second, In conclusion, etc.)
A summary of your key points at the end
What should you talk about?

Talk about a particular aspect of your life or personality that describes something about who you are. Examples include a hobby, the ways you like to spend your free time, your career goals, your favorite subject, or your family.
Choose only one topic to discuss. For instance, your speech could be about your hobby as a marathon runner.
Stick to your chosen topic and do not introduce additional topics into your speech. Then choose two or three supporting points and a personal object as a visual aid that allow you to go into more detail about that aspect of who you are.
Remember this rule of public speaking. Every speech, including this one, should have:

An introduction: Hi my name is ______. Marathon running is a lot like being in school. Its an endurance race.
A body (with two or three main points): training for marathons (what it entails, how far do you run, how often), marathons you have run (locations, your time)
A conclusion: Think of school as a marathon sport and keep up the pace. And if you ever want to go for a run, let me know!


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