Sketch a Concept Designs for the System using Balsamiq Wireframes

Sketch a Concept Designs for the System using Balsamiq Wireframes
Assignment Task

Task 1

You need to read the Final Assessment Case Study before starting this assessment item.

Part 1  You are to develop an initial concept design for a situation described in a case study provided by your subject coordinator.

You will prepare a presentation to display your concepts as well as discuss both concepts and the recommended design.

Sketch a concept designs for the system using Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop. Each design should contain nine (9) different screens that capture the main parts of the system, including the home page. Export all your wireframe designs to images (see Exporting to Image ) to be used in a Word doc.  After each screen write a short description of the screen and the functionality. 

Part 2  As part of your design process, you should indicate why these designs are a good solution for the case study in a report format. You are required to evaluate your own design, for usability issues, using the Budd heuristics for the usability evaluation.

Prepare an evaluation report using headings in the Budd heuristics for the usability evaluation. Each heading should be followed by a discussion of how you have implemented this in the design. This should include:

Where or how the heuristic is used/located (provide screenshots) and Any possible issues or drawbacks with your reasoning;

The accompanying report should follow your designs in the same word doc and is organised as follows: There are two goals in this assessment item:

The first is to exercise your user interface design abilities and creativity in balancing usability with the constraints.The second is to start thinking about why you chose and used certain designs or design patterns. You need to be able to discuss why your design is a good solution to the problem. You may be required to present your solution as part of a tutorial.

Remember that you are sketching a concept design for an interface. Your designs are concepts that you are presenting to your client. They should not be accurate to the pixel-level.

Task 2 

You need to see the Final Assessment Design Concept before starting this assessment item.

You are required to evaluate a design, provided by your subject coordinator, for usability issues, using the Nielsen & Molich heuristics for the usability evaluation.

Discuss and indicate the reasoning behind your evaluation decisions based on the knowledge you have gained from the topics covered in this subject. Prepare an evaluation report which indicates the design evaluated and the framework used for the evaluation. Each heading in the heuristic or framework should be listed followed by a discussion of the related issues found on the design. This should include:What the issue is and where is it located (provide screenshots),What is the significance of the issue with a reasoning behind your assessment; andPossible remediation actions that could resolve this issue (provide annotated screenshots).

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