Some Tattoos are Deeply Personal, Others are Purely Decorative

Some Tattoos are Deeply Personal, Others are Purely Decorative
Assignment Task:




This week’s journal assignment has two parts: an interview, and a bit of research. First, find someone who is comfortable talking about a tattoo they have. Why did this person get their tattoo? Some tattoos are deeply personal, others are purely decorative. If it’s the latter, how did they choose the design? How did they decide on the placement on the body? How have other people reacted to their tattoo? Secondly, choose one body part not covered by a swimsuit (example: neck, foot, chest) and research the meaning of tattoos placed on that area. Does this area carry a historical significance for any cultures? What is the modern-day meaning of having a tattoo in this place, if any? Try to find credible sources and not purely opinion-driven websites for your research. Use good judgment when it comes to images, if you wouldn’t show it to your mother or it would get you arrested for showing it to someone under 16 years of age… do not use it.


  • Album Covers
  • PART 1. Select two iconic music covers from this list: They must be from before the year 2000, and not discussed in class.
  • What do the covers make you think of?
  • What sticks out or resonates with you?
  • Do you think the imagery would be successful today? Why or why not, think along the lines of societal change.
  • PART 2. Choose two music covers from this list: .
  • Compare and contrast major similarities and differences to the iconic covers you chose in Part 1. Can you spot any major trends in the covers for popular music today?

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