Strategy Implementation

Strategy Implementation

Create an 8-12-slide PowerPoint presentation that summarizes the AFI Framework and the results of the internal and external analyses. Your presentation must also include a SWOT matrix for the company and your recommendations for strategies to move the company forward that align with organizational structure and governance, and reflect ethical responsibility.

This portfolio work project will help you demonstrate your understanding of strategy and the factors that must be considered when formulating and implementing strategy.

This assessment will help you demonstrate your understanding of strategy and the factors that must be considered when formulating and implementing strategy.

Organizational leadership of your company has requested that you present your analyses of the company, as well as recommend potential strategic actions that could be taken to address issues raised by your analyses.

Your Role
You are a strategic analyst for the company you have selected to use in this course.

Develop a PowerPoint presentation of 812 slides that synthesize the work you did on Assessments 1 and 2. Use the speaker’s notes sections of each slide to expand your talking points. Be sure your presentation includes:

A summary of the AFI framework.
Results from your internal analysis (VRIO or Value Chain)
Results from your external analysis (PESTLE and Five Forces)
A SWOT matrix for the company.
Do the current strategies need to be changed?
What strategies will move the organization forward?
How do your recommendations align with organizational structure and governance?
Do your recommendations reflect ethical responsibility?
Deliverable Format
PowerPoint presentation:

812 content slides (in addition to the title and references slides).
Include additional details on each slide in the speakers notes section.
Additional requirements.
Title slide.
References slide.
APA formatted references from at least ten sources.
Be sure you consider the audience.


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