TAEASS401 Plan Assessment Activities and Processes-associated with your industry

TAEASS401 Plan Assessment Activities and Processes-associated with your industry


Develop an assessment plan

You will develop an assessment plan for a unit associated with your industry expertise.

Prior to developing the assessment plan you must ‘unpack’ the unit of competency, annotating all components with notes that demonstrate an understanding of the assessment requirements. Annotations may also include reference to workplace tasks and suggested assessment methods for each component. This annotated copy of the unit of competency must be submitted as part of your assessment. 

Your plan must:

• identify and select a range of assessment methods
• relate to the entire unit of competency
• reflect the identified target group of candidates
• identify requirements for resources and any special assistance/reasonable adjustments
• follow the principles of assessment
• identify opportunities for contextualisation
• address the workplace health and safety (OHS/WHS) responsibilities associated with the assessment.

Each component of the assessment plan must be completed with sufficient detail to lead the assessment development process.

Briefly explain the task (s) to be assessed Explain how much time the students will have to complete the assessment task

Explain how assessments are to be to be completed, for example, during class time, in their own time

Insert a clear description or scenario for the student.

1. How will they be assessed (method/s)? For example, ‘For this assessment task, you will be observed constructing three timber door frames and questioned orally after each observation.’

2. Include how many times they will be observed and assessed (consecutively or on different occasions) For example, ‘You will be observed and assessed three times over a two-month period.’

3. Is the assessment open/closed book? For example, ‘The only documents you can refer to during the observation are the plans provided.’

4. Note any reasonable adjustment that may be available. For example, ‘Reasonable adjustment can be provided for this assessment task which may include … Please discuss these options with your teacher/assessor if required.’

5. Describe the level of teacher/assessor support available to students. For example, ‘Your teacher/assessor can assist you with clarifying any of the questions or instructions.’

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