The balance between Public trial and victims privacy in sexual harassment cases

The balance between Public trial and victims privacy in sexual harassment cases

The question I have to answer in is:

describe either an important issue in your field of interest or a current legal problem facing a particular country, region, or the world, and then propose a theoretical framework or a legal analysis or strategy to address this issue.

The word limit is 750.

the legal essay needs to be more normative rather than purely descriptive. Ideally, this part will identify a gap in the literature, which demonstrates originality and a profound understanding of the legal issue. It should also offer a novel and unusual approach to a relevant legal issue, in addition,it should be exceptionally well-written and researched. It should contain appropriate references and, where necessary, explanatory footnotes, although these should be kept to a minimum and may count towards the word limit

Now my idea: ( please feel free to add or change anything, dont take these words just take the idea.please make sure that its written in an advanced language and proper grammar. All the information below are not accurate. Make sure to take the numbers and facts from their primary source and add them all in the foot note)

Despite the fact that The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia criminalizes sexual harassment through Anti-Harassment law which came into effect in 2018 that includes eight articles. The penalty is at least two years in prison and paying a fine of up to SAR 100,000, and the more severe penalty reaches up to five years in prison and a fine of SAR 300,000, female victims of sexual harassment rarely file a complaint

in the Middle East communities the obstacle lies in considering sexual harassment a taboo subject. It is not allowed to be discussed in public because it is shamefully kept a secret. Thus, there are usually no clear statistics available on this phenomenon, as it is categorized as being a matter of shame or embarrassment . Female victims and their families are afraid of the so called scandal caused by the public prosecution procedures. Therefore, there must be a balance between the defendants rights of public and fair trial and the victims right of keeping her information secure and secret.

As the Egyptian Court of Appeal stated that I t is essential that all trails are publicized. However, article (268) of Criminal Procedures Law permits the court to hold the trial totally or partially secret to maintain the public order or the public manners .
Also, the Supreme Court of Dubai has decided that the concept of public prosecution in criminal legislation cases can be limited to those necessary mentioned by the law, and the reason for this amendment is to preserve the reputation of the parts of the trail.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can apply these examples by making it possible to disclose confidential or private information about victims,


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