The Color Purple Research Paper

The Color Purple Research Paper

Interview six peoplestudents, co-workers, family, friendsand tell each a little about Alice Walkerwho she is, what she wrote, why she is famous, and what she is famous for.

3. Then share one poem for all interviewees or a separate poem for each interviewee for a total of six poems.

Ask what ideas come to them as they read the poem.
Share your own thoughts and together explore the theme of the poem.
You will have to go over the poem several times, pausing to work on the significance of the ideas, imagery, choice of words, rhyme, rhythm, context, tone, setting, and characters to tease out what the poem means to you.
Its quite possible your interviewee will have a different view of the poem, in which case your exchange of ideas can serve to enrich your mutual understanding.


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