The Use of Flight Simulation for Research and Training

The Use of Flight Simulation for Research and Training

Referencing APA 7th edition

Find instructions below.
To all of you a presentation needs to be presented not read from a piece of paper. You are the presenter and power point is your assistant. You need to speak freely and present your topic in 15min. Ensure you finish on time time will be monitored, and you will be asked to stop after your 15min are up.

Ensure that you do not copy and paste from your assignment as this is not the purpose of this assignment task. The task is to create a nice presentation on your topic. Please exploit power point functions and technology as you will be marked on it.

Remember your audience looks at you so you need to entertain them in a professional way.

Assignment Description

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation based on your topic of your written assignment.


  • Global trade slowed down in the post-2008 period due to 2007-08 Global Financial Crisis (GFC) and the Covid-19 pandemic which had various drastic adverse economic and social impacts on the global economy affected developing nations which slow the progress to meet the United Nations 2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Pick one moment from Gilgamesh and write up a 4-5 page analysis proving how this moment is demonstrative of the traits of epic literature.
  • Identify and discuss how joint concepts in the NDS relate to at least one previous joint concept (per Sloan) and describe their similarities and differences.
  • The Use of Flight Simulation for Research and Training
  • What are the markets served by the organization and their current positions?
  • Identify three children’s books with one common central focus (i.e., a topic such as the solar system, life cycles, the civil rights movement, etc.).
  • Identify at least three examples where the scholarly voice could be improved, including correcting the use of emotional language, unsupported claims, and bias, among other issues. Quote the original from the student sample paper, and explain what is not scholarly about the voice.
  • Describe a recent Rhetorical Situation you experienced: that is, a situation that required you to use writing, either formally or informally. Provide details about the following components. Be sure to include at least one quote from the piece of writing you used in this situation.
  • HCAD 625 Assignment 2 – Just in Time (JIT) supply management. Shortages with Sodium Citrate specimen tubes.
  • The Satanic Temple
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