What are the characteristics of African architecture?

What are the characteristics of African architecture?


What are the characteristics of African architecture?
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The characteristic settlement form in western Africa is the compound, a cluster of units linked by walls. Many compounds are circular in plan, but others, conditioned sometimes by the uneven terrain, are more complex. Earthen wall and floor surfaces are plastered smooth and dried to a rocklike hardness.



Early New Zealand Art
consists of the visual and plastic arts (including architecture, woodwork, textiles, and ceramics) originating from New Zealand. It comes from different traditions: indigenous Mori art, that of the early European (or Pkeh) settlers, and later immigrants from Pacific, Asian, and European countries. Owing to New Zealand’s geographic isolation, in the past, many artists had to leave home in order to make a living. The visual arts flourished in the latter decades of the 20th century as many New Zealanders became more culturally sophisticated.


Angels & Aristocrats: Early European Art in New Zealand Public Collections



Mori have always communicated a sense of cultural position and shown personal expression through body adornment practices. The portraits by Gottfried Lindauer are a stunning reminder of this rich history in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The painters portraits of Mori leaders and revered rangatira (chiefs) offer a rich record of the status and importance of people in Mori society both then and now. The esteem of those depicted is also conveyed through the objects they hold and the items that adorn the body.

For your assignment, you will write about the different tattoos portrayed on many Maori paintings and their people.

In an essay form, incorporate and answer the following questions. The essay should be 300 words and include at least 3 examples (pictures).


(Questions are not in order)
What symbolic meaning do the Maori tattoos have?
Where do these symbols begin?
Why is it still traditional today?
What islands use this form of Maori tattooing?
What tools are used in making these traditional tattoos on the body?
At what age is tattooing encouraged?
Are the symbols on women different from the men?


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