What are the markets served by the organization and their current positions?

What are the markets served by the organization and their current positions?

Each of the 5 questions listed below count towards 20% of the total case score.
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IAnswer the following questions regarding the case in your paper:

1.) What are the markets served by the organization and their current positions?
2.)What are the main issues the organization faces and what past actions caused them to be in their current position?
3.)What should be the markets serviced by the organization and what has to change for the organizations past in order to enter and sustain those markets?
4.)What recommendations would you make to the organization regarding how to make the implement the changes you believe are necessary?
5.)As the cases in our text are 2 5 years old, research out the current state of the organization and determine if any of the strategies you proposed have been implemented to date. Is the current organization operating in a strategically balanced and proper manner?
In your case analysis you must utilized: The language of concepts of our text and our discussions
Typically, it will take a minimum of 1.5 pages to address each of the 5 questions of the case. Most acceptable papers are in range of 7 8 pages. However, well written papers with proper editing can achieve a 100% grade with just 5 pages of content.


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  • What are the markets served by the organization and their current positions?
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