What do you hope to achieve by implementing this technology?

What do you hope to achieve by implementing this technology?

In this paper you will explain your vision for implementing the technology topic you selected for this course. Include the following components into your paper:

goals for your technology implementation
What do you hope to achieve by implementing this technology?
How will it impact workflow and patient care?
The paper will include:

3 professional references,
be 3-4 pages long (excluding the title and references pages),
contain an introduction and conclusion,
in-text citations,
a cover page, and
a reference page.
This paper must follow all proper APA formatting requirements.


  • In our Week Three we mentions several sinicized Buddhist schools in China; the Tiantai, Huayan, Chan, and the Pure Land tradition. Please do your own research and choose two of these schools to do a comparison. Your paper must include; their brief histories, their similarities and differences, and why you chose these schools for your research, etc.
  • Intermodal transportation is the future of moving cargo from one location to another. Its cheaper, better for the environment, and if done right, faster than a single mode of transportation.
  • Need to write a methodology to use that involves approaching UK-based Museums and using design sprints, interviews, and invited committees (focus groups) that will help in Improving on-site museum and art gallery experiences for blind and partially sighted visitors.
  • Chapter 15 discusses the role of government on fostering intermodal transport innovations. The author suggests that the US government should be the catalyst for innovations in intermodal transportation. He argues that industry, in a free market economy, has been limited in their ability to deliver these innovations. Do you agree or disagree with the author?
  • What are the key points of agreement among the sources? State the specific sources.
  • Critique of Quantitative Research Article
  • What do you hope to achieve by implementing this technology?
  • Clearly state the issue and briefly describe the most important factors to be examined in this decision. Explain why you are focused on these particular factors why do you think they are the most important things to consider?
  • College vs. Trade School
  • Finding the best system design can also be different between departments within the organization. how might organizations understand the customization in the context of ROI?