What is crisis funding? And how is this type of donating culture harmful? Use an example from the text to support your opinion.

What is crisis funding? And how is this type of donating culture harmful? Use an example from the text to support your opinion.

All questions focus on Gay, inc Ch. 5

In-text citation: (Beam, pg #)

1. What is crisis funding? And how is this type of donating culture harmful? Use an example from the text to support your opinion. Guiding pages 153-155
2. What violence led to the creation of Trans Youth Support Network (TYSN)? And how is structural violence haunting the same non-profit? Make sure to reference the text. Guiding pages 155-162
3. Briefly explain what happened after Vienna gave her speech at the National Coming Out Day luncheon held by Quorum, the Minneapolis LGBT chamber of commerce. Is this example of structural violence? How so? Guiding pages 170-178
4. TYSN struggled with the idea of becoming an official non-profit. How are nonprofits harmful to grassroot movements, especially the transgender liberation movement? Use an example from the text to support your opinion Guiding pages 181-183

5. What topic(s) were you uncertain about at the beginning of the week, and how did the lecture help you explore the topic(s)?
6. What did you learn by the end of the week and how did it impact your personal views and beliefs?

Example Guide
Below is an example of a discussion post from Zoe Joson, a previous LGBTQ Studies student who always received full credit:

“At the beginning of the week, I was uncertain about the relevancy of colonialism and white supremacy as it pertains to the shaping of western normativity. I had just assumed that enough time had passed, and enough alternate philosophies had arisen to overwrite older ways of thinking. I certainly didn’t expect such values to have invaded my own viewpoints to too great an extent. But in examining other cultures, and examining ours in juxtaposition, it became apparent that the norms of colonialism never really disappeared, and any “alternate philosophies” that grew from our culture had grown with colonialist values at its base.

By the end of the week, I learned that the labels through which we understand the world are very much determined by social environment. As these labels are social constructs, there is no universal meaning to them; their meanings only exist as what people ascribe to them. I’ve concluded that I cannot assume my usage of these labels as “correct” or “universal,” because such statuses are inapplicable here. A person whose gender identity closely mirrors my own can adhere to a label different than my own, and a person whose gender identity is vastly different from mine can identify as I do.”

And here is an example of how Zoe responded to a student:

“I also felt that the course aligned with my way of thinking. I was always the kind of person who couldnt be told how things are; I preferred to challenge conventional views and figure things out myself, so I felt very much at home during the lectures. Now, when it comes to our personal cops, I had always understood that I had one within me, but I never really challenged it. Maybe I thought from time to time, Im being too judgmental, but I never thought I was in the wrong. It just goes to show how insidiously these norms have spread throughout the ages. There is much out there in the world that goes beyond my scope, and using my scope to define the world will not ever do justice to whats out there.”


  • Families
  • Examine the pyramid and reflect on your current situation. Are your motivations dictated by your current needs? Explain. The Portfolio Activity entry should be a minimum of 400 words and not more than 750 words. Use APA citations and references if you use ideas from the readings or other sources
  • In brief, describe the theory and how it has increased our understanding of personal and organizational needs and satisfaction. What are the criticisms of the theory?
  • Reflection on Freire
  • Your assignment, what would have happened if Cato had stayed alive when Julius took over? specifically would he have been able to restore the Republic? Explain your opinion and site at least two historical examples as support of your opinion.
  • select a product maybe a beach wagon with umbrella and add ones like lockbox, and speakers, and ice chest, but open to writer ‘s choice to begin your own business. Answer how to create value ? Conduct a feasible test with 3 steps market, management and financial. Sources not necessary but optional.
  • Find two different cases wherein a novel technology is being used by a company (e.g., AR, robotic delivery, etc.). What is each company and what is the respective technology?
  • What is crisis funding? And how is this type of donating culture harmful? Use an example from the text to support your opinion.
  • Research institutional discrimination in your chosen institution, locating reliable, scholarly sources. Examples are provided in the Resources for this assessment.
  • how many hours did you spend on this module? (2) how are you satisfied with your performance on this module? Why?
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