What is Darwins position on your topic in The Descent of Man?

What is Darwins position on your topic in The Descent of Man?

Choose one of the topic areas below for your PEAR paragraph on Darwin:

gender (or, “the sexes)
technology & technological progress
civilization and savagery
Then, write one well-developed paragraph of 12-15 sentences that uses the PEAR or PEAEAR format:

Getting Started
1. Choose a passage that evidences Darwin’s position on the topic you have chosen. That will become your evidence.

2. Choose a relevant passage from Savage Perils in which Sharp is explaining Darwin’s position on the topic you have chosen. This will support your analysis.

3. Drawing on both the evidence from your passage and Patrick Sharp’s argument about Darwin in Savage Perils, what would you say is Darwins POSITION about your chosen topic in the passage? This will be your point.

4. For your analysis, use one of the templates below (or your own variation) below to summarize, in a sentence or two, Darwins position about technology as it represented in your passage:

(These templates use the topic of technology as an example. Substitute your own chosen topic)

According to Darwin, technology.. This relates to (civilization/”savagery/evolution) because…
In this passage, Darwin connects technology to “civilization” by…
Darwin claims that “civilized” groups … while “savage” peoples …. The passage demonstrates this relationship by doing X.
This passage reveals Darwins position that technology
In this passage, Darwin portrays “civilized” groups as X. This relates to technology because…
Darwin connects technology to X in this passage by doing Y.
5. Summarize your findings in the paragraph. This sentence will become your reminder.

6. Format your paragraph in the PEAR or PEAEAR format.

7. Reread your paragraph to ensure that your paragraph is addressing the following questions:

What is Darwins position on your topic in The Descent of Man? (POINT sentence)
What evidence from The Descent of Man supports this claim about Darwin’s position? (EVIDENCE)
How can you connect each piece of evidence to your Point sentence? (ANALYSIS)
What historical or scientific context from Sharp’s Savage Perils can help you support your claim about Darwin’s position? Or help you analyze the evidence you have cited from The Descent of Man? (EVIDENCE AND ANALYSIS)


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