What role did speciesism play in the development of racism?

What role did speciesism play in the development of racism?

In this assignment, you will critically look at racism as a whole.
The battle to end racism has gone on for centuries.

The quagmire is that it (racism) is alive and well; it continues to grow yearly.

Racism also comes in many forms and areas.

The limitation or suppression of “Hate” or “Offensive” or “Incitive” language/ideals can be perceived as a method of censorship and limit the exposure of those that may follow or believe in racist dreams. This could then drive racism underground and be harder to address.

So then, I ask you to answer the following:
Will racism (it) ever end?

Suppose you say yes, then how and when? Please explain to me what it will take to eradicate racism and how much time that will take. Also, explain what measures or actions must take place to bring this to fruition.
If you say no, then tell me why racism (it) will not end? Explain to me why you believe it will never end and what we can await in the future regarding racism.

What role did speciesism play in the development of racism?

If you believe in equity and equality for all, and you stand for the freedom of expression and speech, is that not counterintuitive to attempting to eliminate or cancel those who speak or share racist or hateful views?

Closeout with answering:
Was all the time and effort that society has put into fighting racism (it) worth the fight if we may be still in the same place with different players?

Should we continue to combat racism? Explain why or why not?

Do you believe that accepting racism (it) and accepting that racist speech/ideals are included as freedom of speech under the first amendment as long as no physical violence or harm or attack occurs is the answer?

Should we be putting the energy in a different direction, then attempting to end racism (it), or remain in the fight of ending racism? Explain why or why not?

You must answer all questions listed.

The following is the required format:

You must write in the 1st person, not the 3rd person.

Make sure to check your plagiarism report; if your plagiarism report is accurate and considerable, you stand to receive “0” points for the assignment and be reported.

You must use APA format with a cover page, abstract, and conclusion. (Help with APA Format (Links to an external site.))

Your font should be 12 point font in either Arial, Calibri, Century Gothic, Sans (any), Tiresias, Trebuchet MS, or Verdana.

You should have your Line spacing at 2.0.

Delete the “running head” label and replace it with your name or essay title.

You must provide 4-pages minimum, which means four total pages top to bottom.

The cover page, abstract, and work cited page do not count as part of the 4-pages.

If less than 4-pages, the assignment will be given “0” points.

If missing the cover page, abstract or work cited page (if required), the assignment will be penalized considerably.

The assignment will be penalized considerably if you do not follow the required format.



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