Write a paper about the rights and choices of transgender people

Write a paper about the rights and choices of transgender people

Term paper for CSE 110 due
Pick a topic that you are interested in learning about, preferably one that is controversial.
1) First, google it to find out the important facts about the topic. For example, if you choose gun control, what are the number of people killed and injured by guns in their home? How many lives are saved by having a gun?
List the website address (urls) where you got your information.
2) Write a brief two page summary of the information.
3) Select four articles of opinion on the topic from the internet.. There should be more than one viewpoint among the four articles. (That means that at least one of the articles has a different viewpoint from the others.) Do not select news accounts that give only information.
4) For each article, write the website address, then write a one page summary of the important points of the article. Each of the pages does not have to contain more than two or three paragraphs.

5) Write a brief conclusion. Have you changed your opinion or not?

Suggested topics might be:
The rights and choices of transgender people
How to deal with global warming
What to do about homeless people
What to do about guns
What to do about masking
Abortion pro and con
Should high school days start later

The topics listed above are only suggestions. If you have another topic in mind, you can use that. If youre not sure, please ask me.

Suggested websites:
Both Sides of the Issue – Stossel in the Classroom Videos


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