Write a paper on How To Save the World.

Write a paper on  How To Save the World.

Topic: Affordability of Healthcare (Healthcare pricing, the struggle for families)

In this paper, you will put forth an argument, using evidence, for a problem that you believe should be fixed in the US today. You must have at least three (3) academic and/or government sources, for a total of five (5) sources. The paper should be 3-4 pages long, and written in essay style using a clear and consistent citation style. You must identify the problem, explain why there is a need for the problem to be solved, and explain how the federal government should act.

Clear Thesis, strong and separate paragraphs, conclusion paragraph

ID policy you want to enact
ID policy

Explain why the policy needs to be enacted
Using 5 sources (at least 3 academic and/or government) argue for the need for the policy.

Explain at least one obstacle it will face

Explain How the Policy would be enacted (at once/over time, with monetary incentives, etc.)


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  • Write a paper on How To Save the World.
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